An interactive playland that goes beyond the toy store. Experience a world of fun for all ages, even the kids at heart.



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about the Toys“R”Us adventure 

Toys“R”Us and Candytopia are excited to present an all-new, totally immersive, fill-up-your-photo-album super-experience! The Toys“R”Us Adventure is a vast indoor playland that celebrates all the whimsy, silly and FUN of toys! Explore over eight mind-blowing rooms and celebrate play with installations designed around brands you know and love.

We don’t have time for dull and there’s no place for boring—everything in the Toys“R”Us Adventure brings to life the joys of childhood! Zoom into adventure, trek through a Schleich safari, show off your medieval moves in the disco castle, test your house-building skills in a huffy-puffy fairytale come to life and SO much more! Get ready for a whole lotta fun, play, dancin’, jumpin’, zippin’ and selfie-snappin’ action.

Escape to a land where imaginations run free, toys are larger than life and even the adultiest adults can unleash their inner child. Got little ones? Bring ’em! Grandma? She’ll love it! Moody teens? Tell ’em to charge their phones. Family, friends and kids of all ages are gonna have loads of fun interacting and taking pics with classic toys, new toys and all things play! C’mon, there’s SO much fun to have!

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The Toys“R”Us Adventure imagines a world where toys are the center of the universe and play roams free. We’re thrilled to have partnered up with some of your favorite toy companies to bring the Toys“R”Us Adventure to life. Expect an experience unlike any other—well, unless you’ve actually lived inside a toy box.


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We need some big kids! Join our team and help guide guests through a sprawling world of toys and fun.

Do you love to perform, entertain crowds and paarrr-tay? Love being around people? Almost there, now for the big question: do you love toys?! Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for! Apply today, let’s talk play!

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